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Getting Your Commercial Shooting Range Launched

Spire Ranges has the most current and technical information on owning, operating and opening a commercial shooting range. We can help you plan and budget appropriately in regard to discussing all of the variables that are involved. After reading this; we have no doubt that you will be completely satisfied in having all of your questions answered! Specifically, “How much does building a commercial shooting range cost?”

Starting a commercial shooting range is a significant investment and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Spire Ranges’ main goal here is to help with your commercial shooting range requirements by getting you pointed in the right direction from the very beginning saving you many hours and unnecessary mistakes. We promise to eventually get to the exciting material and discuss the customization of your commercial gun shooting range soon enough. We are more than willing to take as much time as you need to fully educate you with all of the best knowledge, experience and facts to ensure a long-term success.

Common Commercial Shooting Range Problems

One of several reasons men and women have trouble succeeding in the commercial shooting range business is that they are making too many decisions based on their personal emotions. Being passionate about your business is crucial in succeeding; however you also need to use your business mind as well. It is best to base your company decisions on what’s going to make the business more efficient and profitable. The ongoing revenue component of your business must come first!

Another issue commercial shooting range owners constantly run into; is from putting money in places that that don’t yield the value they are hoping for. Spending money to have Spire Ranges develop a beautifully designed commercial shooting range with many upgrades and extras isn’t such a bad idea.

However, you ought to make sure to save money for other expenses like: marketing, land improvements, or even general maintenance. The goal is to always develop revenue streams so that the commercial shooting range starts paying for itself and eventually begins to turn a profit. Having the most luxurious commercial shooting range in the world is irrelevant if you fail to reach the people to let them know about your great facility.

The last thing to think about is your possibility of diverse legal issues. In neighborhood surroundings, you can face challenges with noise ordinances, along with other legal issues that will tie the hands up of your business. This isn’t something that should make you abandon your goals but having a firm understanding and research about it and being ready for this is key in setting up your business to flourish.

The Requirements Of A Commercial Shooting Range

For every indoor commercial shooting range, there are three main components that you have to have for safety concerns or for standard common-sense items.

The very first component is the granular rubber trap. This is the component at the end of the range that stops seals and then rounds the bullet shrapnel. Second you require a safety ceiling. This is what keeps everyone in the surrounding area safe in the event of an accidental discharge; when the bullet travels upward towards the ceiling. The last component that’s required is a proper HVAC system. The HVAC system keeps the air quality very clean and fresh throughout the commercial shooting range by pushing any lead or smoke particles away from your clientele. Please refer to our website where we discuss the components of a commercial shooting range on an even more in-depth description.

Make Your Money Go To Work For You

The first point to bring up outside of the fundamental components of a commercial shooting range is your dollars spent compared to the return on your initial investment. Purchasing a commercial shooting range is similar to buying a vehicle. On almost any car or truck, you have the ability to put in all the fancy upgrades.

However you could buy a car with roll-up windows and no power seats. That’s the beauty of the current world we are living in. You have the capability to customize your vehicle based on the things you value most. For instance, someone in Florida has very little need for heated seats so, this additional feature carries very little value to them. Conversely; if you were from Utah, (Spire Ranges Headquarters) heated seats are now a prerequisite.

Spire Ranges can create the ideal commercial shooting range beyond any of your current expectations. From the minute you first start working with us; you will be involved with creating the ultimate plans for a state-of-the-art commercial shooting range! Our first measure is determining what your revenue drivers are going to be. From that point, we give you options that are appropriate to your goals. This is the reason why it’s hard to throw out a generic price for a commercial shooting range over the phone without fine tuning the intricate details. Every commercial shooting range owner’s goals are much different from the next.

Finding Your Commercial Shooting Range Marketplace

Let’s imagine you need to build a commercial shooting a range catered towards a luxury type customer base. A place where people pay for membership. It would be very important in this kind of situation to have a nice couch for the members to relax on after some shooting. You may also want to include custom stone work behind the shooting bays with beautiful wood grain gun stands. These enhanced features are what your costumers are looking for and desire. If your primary source of profits is going to be coming from people; then you need to include interesting spinning targets or other similar pop up targets.

Or maybe you wish to open your commercial shooting range doors to your local military and/or law enforcement. If this was your goal, you should consider installing ballistic rubber on both walls. You will also want to install reduced light settings throughout the commercial shooting range in order to offer advanced training methods.

These are just a few types of different commercial shooting range installments to consider. The options are limited to your creativity as you will notice that for every possible revenue driver; the right kind of equipment is equally matched. In the event that you were leaning towards a generic public commercial shooting range; there are no requirements to include any of those previously mentioned wood grain gun racks. This is primarily because it will not match your demographic. You would get much less value out of this compared to money you are putting in. This is essential to making a commercial shooting range succeed. However, this also makes it difficult to give one cost that fits all over the phone or in an email.

Installation Of Your Commercial Shooting Range

Spire Ranges has many different options for installation when it comes to building a commercial shooting range. We are able to take care of everything. This means we provide the supplies with the onsite manger to help all of the plans go easily and seamlessly. We perform full installs at which we have our contractors tighten every nut and bolt for you. Depending on if we just provide you the plans/designs and supplies or if we handle everything from start to finish; your price will greatly vary. With the understanding of different factors involved within the various expenses of a commercial shooting range, we can absolutely answer your question regarding exactly how much does a commercial shooting range cost? Give us a call or fill out our form today!

For a very simple, 10-lane range, with a top-notch rubber trap, safety ceiling, along with a ventilation package. You can expect the total price to be around $468,000 or approximately $47,000 for each lane. Keep in mind this cost will not reflect the installation expenses incurred. An installation of this sort of commercial shooting range can include 30% more of the current price.

Additional Commercial Shooting Range Information

So, there you have it now! $468,000 for a basic commercial shooting range. If you have any more questions about this topic or anything you have read within this post, I would highly recommend you check out our other blog posts and/or the detailed information on our site. Granted, you can always just fill out a form or give us a call as well. Don’t forget you can also sign up to receive Spire Ranges notifications for our news/upcoming events which is an extraordinary place to gather information. You can always talk with one of our commercial shooting range specialists for further information if ever needed.

How To Get Your Commercial Shooting Range Accredited

In the process of building a commercial shooting range, perhaps the most intimidating area is getting it permitted/certified by your local government. After you’ve done all the work, raised all the money, and planned everything out, the final stage now comes down to a small number of elected officials or set of policies and procedures. Do not let this overwhelm you or make you feel helpless. Even though the ultimate decision is in someone else’s hands; there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of succeeding.

Your local government officials want to know as soon as possible about your plans to design and build a commercial shooting range. They will especially appreciate it if you inform them early on of your intentions; and that communication can open doors for you later on. You’ll have a better chance of getting your commercial shooting range permitted in the event that you’ve established a relationship with local leaders right from the beginning.

Having an open line of communication will help you find out zoning and other issues you will have to overcome. In most circumstances, land needs to be zoned as commercial or industrial for a commercial shooting range to be constructed on it. Find out if the land you’re looking at is zoned appropriately. Zoning requirements for building a commercial shooting range fluctuate depending on where you live, and some places might not have special guidelines.

Your local officials will have the most accurate information and can help you fully understand certain detailed requirements. In the event you discover that the land you plan to build on is not zoned appropriately for a commercial shooting range, consult the planning, and zoning committee to find out if it can be re-zoned. Often, city governments are willing to work with local businesses on zoning issues to keep likely commerce from going everywhere.

The more you learn about what’s required to get your commercial shooting range accredited, the better. Become familiar with local noise and firearms regulations as well as environmental restrictions that are relevant to your commercial shooting range. Here are a list of questions to consider in regards to commercial shooting range requirements:

How will you manage noise abatement?

How will you dispose of lead?

How will you keep customers and staff protected?

All of these type of issues will come up when presenting to the city council. If you already know what their concerns are through asking questions and doing research, you can adequately prepare to answer them now well in advance. Contact us today if you want further assistance in making sure your commercial shooting range is able to become accredited/certified in your local area.

Once you know what specifications your commercial shooting range will likely be required to meet, speak with one our experts to find out what options are readily available. Spire Ranges specializes in building state-of-the-art commercial shooting ranges! We offer several different ideas and technology to meet the stringent requirements of any government regulations. For example, we can provide you with an environmentally-friendly bullet trap that also makes lead containment protected and straightforward.

With the help of our proprietary technology, all bullets and range debris can be safely collected and deposited into a sealed cone for convenient disposal. Spire Ranges also provides sound-abating safety baffles, acoustically-rated wall systems that lessen reverberation by 95+%, bullet-proof see-through lane dividers, and ventilation systems that filter air and defend customers from direct vulnerability. No matter what requirements your commercial shooting range has, Spire Ranges has the knowledge and technology to meet it.

Once you’ve spoken to your local government officials and heard everything you need to understand the requirements, regulations and restrictions; all that’s left to do is present your plan towards the city council. For many inexperienced in public speaking, this might be the most demanding aspect of the process. To make the experience smoother, consult a city council member in advance to discover what type of information they want from you. Write a list of questions that they can possibly ask during your council meeting and put together all of your answers ahead of time so you never forget what to say in the heat of the moment.

If you feel as though you will require additional help, a Spire Ranges representative is more than willing to be of service! Even if that means you need us to physically attend the city council meeting with you (regardless of where you live). Having a commercial shooting range expert standing next to you; able to personally answer any questions about the technological and safety features is extremely helpful in getting the approval you need.

The information and expertise of Spire Ranges has been proven to be helpful to our clients throughout the years; but still may not apply in all situations. Make sure you use judgment in determining which tips will be most beneficial in your particular situation. The Spire Ranges team is willing to do whatever it can to make the approval process as simple and successful as possible. In the event you have some questions or concerns about getting your commercial shooting range approved, call us today and speak with your local representative. If you are not ready to call, that is completely fine as well as all you have to do is fill out a quick form on our website and we will get back in touch with you shortly!

How To Start A Commercial Shooting Range Business

An indoor or outdoor shooting range can be described as a lucrative business in the event that you are the kind of person who can operate under rigid national, state, and local regulations, including safety, insurance, record keeping, and reporting requirements. You can begin from scratch or buy an already-operating establishment, depending on your situation and the startup funds you have at your disposal.

Research your license and zoning requirements. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has an informative website and offers amazingly great advice. Your local city officials can educate you on the zoning laws in various places and certain requirements you need to meet.

Visit commercial shooting ranges in and out of your city and attend as many gun shows as you can. Ask questions of the people involved in the industry and establish contacts with gun producers who are very likely to have helpful guidance for opening a commercial shooting range establishment that can promote and sell their firearms.

Join the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry’s largest trade association. Also consider the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other interest groups at which you can obtain news and helpful advice.

Write your business plan, giving special attention to the expenses involved. It can be costly to build a commercial shooting range from scratch; particularly if it is an indoor commercial shooting range. Contact local ranges to see whether they would consider selling or taking on a partner because the cost of improving an existing establishment could be far less than building a new one and you would have the added plus of an existing customer base.

Contact several commercial property estate brokers and establish relationships with people who are proficient in zoning laws and safety requirements involved in a commercial shooting range. You’ll also need insurance to protect you against liability from errors on the part of you or your staff.

Decide what your company image/logo is going to be and employ that image to your name, logo, center decorations, promotional literature and overall advertising. Your company image needs to meet the needs of your target customer. Promote your business to local gun and service clubs, sporting goods shops and commercial entities. Provide exceptional discounts and contests to draw on customers during your first months of operation. Offer classes in responsible gun ownership, maintenance and use through local night school and community recreation programs. Lastly, make sure to promote yourself through ongoing advertising and start with a bang (pun intended) with an awesome grand opening celebration.

An average commercial shooting range charges around $10.00/hour which means you will need upwards of 100 daily customers to make $30,000 monthly. To brake down this math you will make an average of $1,000/day at 30 days/month which equals $30,000.This amount in most scenarios may only cover your costs associated with rent, salaries, utilities and liability insurance. Gun sales and rentals of ammunition and equipment are crucial considerations in the profitability of your overall operation.

Before you get started, make sure to get your accounting in order. As well as your record keeping and operational skillsets. Struggling to comply with record keeping and reporting requirements can put you out of business very rapidly. Most any computer software will assist you in these type of daily nuances, however; you and your staff will still need to know exactly how to use it efficiently.

Spire Ranges Offers The Best Commercial Shooting Range

With many years of experience in designing and building commercial shooting ranges, Spire Ranges brings you the industry’s best design, development, installation and service experience to every project. Whether you are a retail shop owner looking to build your first firearms training center, or perhaps even a current range proprietor in need of an update or maintenance to your existing center; we have all of the resources you want under one roof to guide you during the entire process of commercial shooting range requirements, design, development and management.

It’s possible for commercial shooting range owners to feel overwhelmed with questions about hardware, ventilation, lead abatement, overall environmental concerns, zoning regulations, range equipment that the list seems infinite. Rest assured that our team of experts, from engineering to sales, will streamline this process. We can help you through each step, from your research process by means of range design, construction, and maintenance.

With a Spire ranges commercial shooting range planning expert, you now have access to the very best indoor/outdoor commercial shooting range equipment in the industry! Some of the more popular technologies we offer are as listed:

  • Target Carriers
  • Recovery Systems
  • Range Control Devices
  • Steel Bullet Seals
  • Rubber Bullet Seals
  • Shooting Stalls
  • Audio Communication Systems
  • Visual Communication Systems
  • Ballistic Baffles
  • Ballistic Walls
  • Mobile Ranges
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Shooting Houses

Spire Ranges designs, builds and installs the very best and most affordable commercial shooting range systems in the US as well as globally in the industry.

Final Considerations In Designing A Commercial Shooting Range

If you are a gun fanatic that enjoys teaching others about firearms, then a commercial shooting range may be the perfect business for you. Unfortunately acquiring a license to open up such an operation requires you to obtain various permits and permissions from government officials/councils. However, if you are proficient about gun-safety issues, it shouldn’t be too difficult. You might have to build your commercial shooting range according to the general consensus of your local rules and requirements; so pay close attention to the interests of the customers and board/council members in your area.

Remember to contact your local government office about zoning legislation for shooting and building permits. Additionally, there are many restrictions regarding exactly where you can open a commercial shooting range; the times you can operate it and what you must have in your indoor/outdoor shooting range. Which is a perfect introduction to the next topic.

Determine if you want to open up an indoor or outdoor commercial shooting range. For an indoor range, consider opening it near a shopping mall or somewhere near downtown. You will want room for at least five shooting stalls, a money register, room to host classes, bathrooms, and also a showroom for leasing guns, selling various merchandise, as well as any guns. For an outdoor range, you will want to get land outside of city limits or in a metropolitan area. You will need at least two acres for your outdoor range to accomplish this.

Here are some other important steps to take when opening up a commercial shooting range for a business. Incorporate your business and obtain a national tax identification (EIN) number. Purchase at least $500,000 in liability insurance coverage. Apply for a Federal Firearms License to buy and promote firearms. If you are unsure of how to best take these steps on your own. Please feel free to contact us today to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

It is also really important that you determine the types of services you will offer. An indoor commercial shooting range may have a pistol range, rifle range, and paintball area or even arena, which is actually a great means to draw in the younger crowd. An indoor and outdoor commercial shooting range may offer firearm safety lessons and training for people seeking a concealed carry license. You can offer set classes, events, and functions for birthdays, coworkers, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. In the event you choose to offer special events, contact a local pizzeria or deli, and ask them about catering. Consider putting in vending machines, because customers can spend hours at your place of business.

Become proficient about guns and shooting. You have to understand the details about each of your guns, how they function and for whom they are most appropriate for. If you do not have a background in firearms; consider enrolling in the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program. Once completed, become an NRA instructor, especially if you intend to seek the services of instructors to teach your classes.

Invest in your equipment and ongoing business. Buy handguns, rifles, paintball guns, paintballs, various earplugs, safety goggles, various ammunition, clips, targets of varied sizes, snare, and skeet targets (for an outdoor range) and cleaning kits, etc. Purchase custom t shirts, hats, and infant clothing with your logo to sell to satisfied customers.

Legal Issues When Building A Commercial Shooting Range

Commercial shooting range requirements and regulations mandated by national, state, or municipal laws need to be properly addressed. Your commercial shooting range needs to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, as well as those compiled by other agencies concerned with conservation and environmental issues. Specifically, commercial shooting range noise limits, safety precautions and importantly, the adverse impact of lead bullets on soil around outdoor commercial shooting ranges; which are all topics that have to be resolved when you set up your indoor/outdoor shooting range. To help you gain a lot of important information, contact the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). This way you are sure to discover all of the lawful regulations required in building a commercial shooting range.

On a final note, Spire Ranges wants to take time out to briefly discuss long-term safety so your patrons can enjoy your commercial shooting range for many years to come. This is especially crucial to execute as you never want to have to deal with a major accident or even death! To avoid such a travesty it is best to hire a full-time staff that is well trained and efficient in helping all of your customers in having a fun and safe experience. This also helps ensure you have someone on the front lines monitoring everything to make sure everyone complies with all of the rules.

Your commercial shooting range rules should be very detailed and clearly visible/posted/shared by staff as well as strictly adhered to so your customers understand the seriousness of the situation. This will also help you resolve any potential disputes that may arise. Some cardinal rules should include certain safety mandates such as: requiring eye and ear protection at all times while in the shooting area, etc. Do not allow more than two people to one shooting booth as that can cause an accident as well. Do not allow your customers to cross fire into other shooting lanes. Figure out the rules in advance related to clearing and benching firearms so your customers know how to secure their weapons when they have finished shooting for the day.